About Us

At Homestead on a Hill, our family is on a journey God has called us to…a journey to be more self-sufficient (or rather GOD-sufficient) in all areas of our lives. Our journey up this hill began years ago, with a dream that God put in my husband’s heart to live off the land and become self-sufficient. Over the years, God has brought everything home for us…giving us a vision not only to homestead, but to home school and also work at creating multiple streams of income through home businesses that will sustain our family.

Our mission is to share with you as we climb this hill toward bringing it all home…homesteading, homeschooling, and home “businessing”…and producing good “fruit” in all these areas. We are striving to produce:

1. Our own food and other goods
2. Children with strong character, morals, and academic skills
3. Businesses that will bless others and help sustain our family.

Join us on our journey and let us help you in yours!