Another Jon Update

Another Jon update: We got back a bit ago from his second appointment with Dr. DeHaan. It is always fascinating to me how well Jon “reads” his own body. The past few weeks he has felt terrible physically, but he said he is feeling different…like the treatment is working. He guessed that he was having die-off of the Lyme and just over-toxic.
Another thing that has changed is the state of his emotional “connectedness.” One of the things his treatment was supposed to address was his emotions. I have always joked that Jon not only works on computers for his profession, but I suspect he IS actually a computer in disguise. But recently he has started feeling like he used to feel so many years ago…a deeper level of empathy to the point that he can’t even watch certain movies where someone does something embarrassing, for example. He takes that on. And the other day, he hugged Elleina and said it felt really good. So, it seems the emotions are healed. With everything we’ve tried over the years and with how well Jon reads his own body, the emotional component being one of the major factors affecting his inability to heal from Lyme just made sense to me!
So…sure enough, as he suspected, Dr. DeHaan confirmed that the reason he is feeling so physically awful now is due to die-off (Herxheimer reaction) and his Lyme is actually no longer active! Praise the Lord! Jon needs to be doing 20 minutes a day of exercise in order to get the toxins to move out of his body. And we may do a liver flush in a few weeks. The next treatment he has to take will address supporting his system as he continues to detox. As with every bit of hope, we hang on loosely with thankfulness (1 Thessalonians 5:18), knowing things can change and knowing God is in control. But this is HOPE (again)! We always hang onto that. 🙂 And I do believe we may have finally uncovered the root problem. We will see how this next round of homeopathic treatment goes and I will keep you posted.
Side note: Our children are awesome. We walked in the house to beautiful music playing loudly and kids cooking dinner! 🙂

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