Bringing Danielle Home…er…wait a second

Fall Into Huntersville
Fall Into Huntersville

My friend Barbara McCoskey joked the other day that I’m so busy, now we need to start a #bringingdaniellehome campaign! 😉 My next three weekends are booked with events and speaking engagements. So, here’s where I was this morning, working on the mission of #bringingjonhome. It was a soggy event and that tent was a MONSTER to put up! Goodness. But I put it to the test today and I must say, mine was probably the driest vendor booth there! Made some good contacts. Then I dropped off fliers for my conference ( at Diane Parks’ (The Well for Health – functional medicine) office and chatted a bit. She was very excited about my conference and is going to put flyers in all her new patient packets! 🙂

I also got a great endorsement from A.J. Lanigan (very well-known researcher in the field of immunology), so having some professionals behind me is very encouraging! Hopefully it will help alleviate any doubts that I may not know what I’m talking about because I don’t have “letters” after my name. Diane said the “letters” don’t matter. She loves what I’m doing and believes we all need to take control of our own health and do our own research. I’d encourage any of you who are local to check out her practice in Cornelius right on the lake…it’s beautiful! And she seems to really “get it.”
The more God shows me of this puzzle of bringing Jon home, the more excited I get! I have always loved helping people and health and nutrition is something I can get excited about. We’ll see where the next steps lead…

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