Homestead on a Hill

Hey! I’m Danielle Papageorgiou. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in three-dimensional design from Bob Jones University and a “Bachelor of Intuition and Common Sense” degree from the “School of Motherhood.”I am married to my husband, Jon (who struggles with Lyme disease), and have three very healthy children. We attribute their health first of all to the grace of God, but also to eating foods the way He created them, as close to the way He created them as possible. I’ve been studying health and nutrition in my free time for over 20 years and am the owner of an online “clean foods” (non-GMO and organic) store, as well as the owner of a local homeschooling support website,

I believe food is foundational to good health and am concerned about “big agriculture” and corporations taking over the food system, introducing harmful GMOs, pesticides, artificial flavorings, and colorings into our foods. Homesteading has been a dream of my husband’s for years and one day he finally convinced me that his crazy dream was not so crazy after all! The next thing I knew, we were homesteaders!  So, come along on this crazy journey with us!

Here’s the family, on our Homestead on a Hill…

2014-10-19 17.47.07

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