Hopeful in the Day of Small Things

One amazing lesson God has been faithfully teaching me over the past eight weeks as I’ve prepared for and planned this Food is the Foundation conference is that He is Sovereign over my time. I have always had a one-track mind. I cannot seem to multi-task well and if I have any kind of project, I want to just focus on that with every ounce of my energy and intensity. This can be a blessing, as all that intensity and focus can help in perfecting whatever project I’m working on. But it can also be a curse because it causes me to become very unbalanced and to let things go that I really shouldn’t.
Because God so clearly orchestrated this event for me, I felt the weight of obligation to steward my time better. I knew if He called me to such a huge undertaking in such a small window of time, then He obviously knew I could still meet my obligations while doing it and He obviously expected me to. This seemed incredible to me, but I took it as a Divine challenge and decided to test Him…and my own faith. So whenever I felt myself becoming unbalanced, I would remember the laundry, or reading time with my youngest, or vacuuming, or some other responsibility that normally I would somehow convince myself could wait. My normal thought would have been, “But it’s only __ days until it’s over. If I can just push through, then I will catch up on all that.”
But not this time. This time, my normal thought was, “Hmmm…Let’s see how you’ll manage to pull this off, Lord. It is one of my responsibilities and I think you do expect me to take care of it right now.” As though anything is hard for Him! I’m sure He laughs at us when we doubt sometimes. And amazingly, every time I put my family obligations ahead of this conference, my time literally felt like it was being multiplied somehow. I would then discover some missing piece of information I needed or I would have some epiphany or idea that brought things together. The entire day would flow from one thing to the next, like notes in a beautiful symphony.
The conference is not turning into quite what I had expected. It will likely be a small crowd and I will likely not make any money this weekend. In fact, I will probably be out quite a bit of money. But I am not disappointed. In fact, I know God has orchestrated it all and I can see other possibilities for what He may have in mind, so I am hopeful. Hopeful in the day of small things.
“For whoever has despised the day of small things shall rejoice, and shall see the plumb line in the hand of Zerubbabel.” Zechariah 4:10


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