How to (REALLY) Clean Your Washing Machine



So, something strange came over me the other day and I actually decided it might be nice to clean. Like really, really clean, not just the superficial kind of cleaning I usually do.

I know, scary. (Here’s something kind of off-topic…If I’m ever cleaning like crazy, I’m either eight-and-a-half months pregnant or angry at my husband…or maybe both? I have a strange habit of cleaning furiously…literally, I guess…when I’m angry).

It was my filthy washing machine that seized upon my weakened state. I was fixing it, if I remember correctly (okay, so this was a little longer ago than just “the other day.” More like a few months ago, actually), and I just couldn’t put it back together without doing SOMETHING.

I mean, seriously…could YOU? Ick!

2015-08-11 18.34.23 2015-08-11 18.44.21_small

Can you imagine I had no idea it was there, hiding behind this?

2015-08-11 18.34.43

Yeah, that’s basically the filthiest slimiest grime you can imagine right there in the bottom of my washing machine, previously unknown and unseen, covertly hiding behind the big spinny-thing in the middle. But, you can actually pull that spinny-thing off…who knew?

And that’s just what I did. (Just make sure you check with your manufacturer to avoid doing any damage. Mine is a little loose now, so lesson learned. Maybe I wasn’t quite as careful as I should have been…but I’ll take a slightly wobbly spinner over this nastiness continually tainting my laundry!).

And then, here’s what else I did…

After removing the whatever-it’s-called (sorry, it’s late and you’re getting my end-of-the-day mush-brain), grab your “weapon of choice” and some kind of cleaner and remove as much of the slime as you can. I chose this green scrubby thing and it worked great!

2015-08-11 18.48.42_small 2015-08-11 18.48.09

Here is the cleaner I love to use: Shaklee Basic G! That’s “G” for “germicide.” I think it’s well-established now that I’m no clean freak, but I do love that word when it comes to icky grime and general germiness! I like knowing that there is nothing living remaining in the bottom of my washing machine! Plus, it’s safe and it’s concentrated, so one bottle lasts forever and I just mix up more in a spray bottle whenever I need it. (Here’s another fun tip for the housekeeping-challenged among us: You can add a couple tablespoons of basic G straight from the bottle to your loads of laundry and actually NOT have moldy-smelling clothes when you accidentally forget them in the machine for two days! Yes, for real. I test this claim on a regular basis.)

Look how pretty it looks! (Can a washing machine look pretty? Hmmm. I’m going with yes.)

2015-08-11 19.04.24

And then there’s this thing. Looks fine from above, but wait, what’s this nasty stuff I have to chisel off the bottom?

2015-08-11 19.15.03 2015-08-11 18.35.06

Since it was basically like scrubbing off coral, I used my Shaklee Scour-Off Paste. It smells like cherries! And it’s natural and works amazingly well.

So, this proves it. I CAN clean when I want to. And I’m not so bad at it, either. Okay, my cleaning urge has been satisfied for a while.


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