The Lesser of Two Evils is Not My Choice

Here we are again at election time again and I cannot keep my mouth shut. Can’t. Because, honestly, I am so frustrated and discouraged by the loud voices that proclaim that every Christian should simply vote for the “lesser of two evils” so that we don’t end up with an even worse ruler. There are two logical fallacies that people tend to make when accusing commenting that people who vote their conscience are to blame for evil rulers misguided in their choice and should vote for the “lesser of two evils.”

First of all, they assume that no vote is a vote for the opponent. This is entirely false. No vote is simply that…no vote. There could be just as many people leaning toward the opponent who also choose not to vote or to write in their candidate. If I don’t vote, or if I write in my candidate, then I am not by default voting for the opponent. I am not throwing away my vote. I am voting my conscience.

Secondly, they assume that the “lesser of two evils” candidate is God’s choice. Who are we to say that God’s will is not to judge our nation with a wicked “king”? Read the Old Testament and see how often God judges the nation of Israel for their sin by putting a wicked ruler into place (especially when they worship Molech and sacrifice innocent babies. Hmmm…..that sounds a bit familiar, doesn’t it?). Take Saul, for example. David, a man after God’s own heart, when given the opportunity to slay him and take the throne, as the man God ultimately wanted on the throne, would not do it. He essentially said, “How can I kill God’s appointed?” Saul was a man who was involved in demonic activity and led Israel astray. He was not the type of man we would think God had chosen. And yet, he was God’s appointed.

We think that we can manipulate God’s will with our votes and make things turn out the way we think they should. How foolish. God doesn’t need votes to work His will. Do you really think you can control the outcome so easily? Christians, you will never regret voting your conscience. You will never regret keeping your eyes on the spiritual, rather on the physical realm. When you go into the booth to vote this year, imagine that you are not going into a tiny partitioned booth, but into the very throne room of the Father. Imagine that you are not punching out a little chad, but that you are loudly proclaiming directly to God, “This is my man. This is whom I choose to lead me.” I can’t help but suspect it may change your perspective. At least, I pray it does.

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